The guy did us all over

Then you must still believe in Charlie

Would be nice if LTC ends the year above 45 :)

Pepe ‌‌‎The Frog

Wen real leave frog. Stop picking people here try make them sell.

Ltc is still solid CRO and LInK and TEThEr doing real good

here u can read more about my theory;

Let me do crazy theories too

my theory is not crazy

it is the truth

Is ...this the freaking...Day!!?

The fudders here are all out of control, where are the moderators to spread bans for them?

collapse seems to come into vision on the horizon

This red candle was the final shakeout

Fepile, please, ban those fudders for a week please, so they can calm down and think about that, 1 week is enoughFud is fun but it need to get limits, just my opinionThis chat is only 2 or 3 "idiots" fudding 24h a day

The same retards fudding 30 days a month and 24h day, common.

I would like to see a scientific paper, outlining the effects of fudding. I somehow get the sense, that the fudding being acted out in this telegram channel, doesn't effect the price at all. Just a sense.

Investors go with tech. And realisation of the possibilities. And not following some repeating fud on a telegram Ch. Lol.

People! I read on 4chan just min ago. This...WILL be the day!!

Pump the fuel, and commence plan moon trip boys.

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why am I constantly kicked in the group? did I not follow any rules?😅

Is this the mental health department?

I would like to know if you accept medicaid for your psychotherapy services?

The doge has been haunting me the past week

Cannibalism will be the fad going into 2021

I was fondled in the shelter

Major Tom
Okay. 1point to Olly, if price dips next 24h. And 1point to Luan if price gains next 24h. Game is on.

Haha I’m looking forward to this. (For the record I’m still extremely bullish long term, I’m not just a Fudder)

Hello. There is air drop on the Internet, they distribute free cryptocurrency in the amount of $ 8. Who needs a link I can give, write in response "aaa"

Nothing like the Litecoin channel for a good laugh sometimes 😂

It's like the old saying goes... woman compliment each other but don't mean it. Men insult each other but don't mean it.

let’s get the Shwartz + our friends in sports & Hollywood behind a good LTC marketing campaign shall we…

hey guys, any thoughts on nexo? i was thinking of transferring my LTC there for the annual interest. I am just hesitant if it is trustable

As a rule of thumb, anyone or anything promising you a return on your coins is a scam

it offers an annual interest of 5% similar to other DeFi, and binance savings