Ethereum fucked us

They are ethereum fanboys trying to fuck up ltc.

Same. Vitalik is shady and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. So far the only thing ethereum has accomplished is allowing many scammers to steal millions of dollars by launching shitcoins

John Wo
Decred shouldn’t succeed either. It’s a shitcoin

The shitcoins you speak of are the garbage that ethereum gave birth to since the ico mania. Leave Litecoin out of that category.

still ethereum is higher
U did good.What bothers me is that i install 3 apps and its allready full

That’s usually because of ethereum. Ethereum is the equivalent to three apps. I managed to add monero zcash and Aion after removing eth app

Its a token on Ethereum

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Even the name says it Ethereumm

John Wo
And u hold eth?

Litecoin is an alt, eth is Ethereum 🐺😈🦊

Teletan 🅑
My take on the market downturn was that the bubble and subsequent popping was largely tied to ICO-mania, and the high correlation, causing a bubble and burst in all crypto assets.

The seasoned traders knew this was turning into a bubble when it went parabolic. And when CME announced cash settled futures in October they knew major suppression was underway. It has been the case with gold and silver and any other commodity that threatens the fiat banking system. ICO surely didn’t help ethereum either

Nasdaq Launched Bitcoin and Ethereum Liquidity Indexes

Cryptocurrency weekly:1.Russia to Adopt Crypto Regulation by July 2019 Developer Quits #ETH Buffett: #BTC Is a Delusion Wozniak: We’ve Seen Massive Value Creation on BTC Foundation Partners with Glory Kickboxing is“Hoping to Succeed where BTC Failed”
And it perpetuates.

I'm going to definitely check into it though cuz I believe ethereum is going to be was passing Bitcoin cuz it's only a matter of time before Bitcoin starts to step down on police cuz it's had its day and now the other ones I really getting a foothold in this. Even though it doesn't look like it behind the scenes is a lot going on

Attn: Charlie Lee -- Please comment on why this is something about which we should or should not be concerned. TIA

Ethereum based on their counting model of course has a lot of “developers”. Note that everybody and their monkey can develop a coin on the ethereum network giving ethereum a false representation of growth. And developers for Lightning network isn't even counted with this model. A highly skewed article that to me states between the lines that LTC is about to go way up.

I chose Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and NEO.

that's just the bitcoin suit, other ones are Litecoin, Ethereum and NEO

ethereum being a little bitch, ltc where it at

Ethereum overview: ETH on the upside quest, $180.00 in focus

I bought ethereum at 3.80 and sold at 38. I was so happy and paid off a house. Then it went to 700 and I wasn’t as happy, missed out on millions with that sell. Oops.

The wealthy are optimists who bought from pessimists and held until their future unfolded in front of them. The more cryptos you have the better imo. Translate it to fiat in your head much later or even better wait until everyone uses crypto and never convert it to fiat. Don’t make my ethereum mistake. Sure I multiplied my money times ten, but I could of done much better.

CryptoRafe [₿inotic Oy]

Xrp and ethereum have too huge market cap to reach them.


We don’t currently charge fees on currency exchanges, but Abra does generate exchange rate income on the spread between different currencies, which goes to cover our costs and generate a small profit for Abra. For instance, if you convert US Dollars to Bitcoin, or Ethereum to Ripple, there will be a small spread built into the exchange rate that you see on the app. I'm trying to find some quotes to see how bad it is, but the app won't let me quote without funds.