👨🏻‍💻 LTC >>> DASH right now

My main holdings are LTC but I gotta agree with Sid I think

People just bought ltc thinking that it's fast and cheap and it will replace btc... But then tons of similar coins appeared.. Smart cash, digibyte, monero, dash, zcash.. Etc etc.. All are shit because they have no infrastructure and no real working product

hey dude, the cryptocurrency calld DASH has 3000 Merchants right now, and 🚀🚀 with Kripto Mobile, FuzeX Card, Neptune Dash Pooling Service and more! BTC, LTC and BCH... versus DASH: Which Will Fulfill Satoshi’s Vision?

and more, the Bitcoin network is very slow, many transactions are delayed. I do not believe in lightning network, the DASH network is the most efficient. Yes! The network of masternodes is the great idea of the cryptocurrency world

take a look at the website titled "are we decentralized yet?" the XRP has 81% of money supply help by 100 accounts, on the other hand, DASH has only 15% of coin held in 100 accounts

DASH has the best parameters, for example: the DASH circulating supply is 8oooooo DASH, and the DASH max supply is 18oooooo DASH

in my opinion DASH has the best team and the best parameters

no one talks about the real news. 🤔 The Bitcoin idea was built on the promise of taking off in countries plagued by hyperinflation, and now that it's actually happening, if you aren't reporting on DASH in Venezuela you are fake news! 🧐

Didn't Salt Lending add LTC to their Dashboard to lend

Hello. Can we publish this information on the Litecoin Telegram group?:We are pleased to announce adding Litecoin to HODLER Open Source Multi-Asset Wallet. It can now be safely stored in our app with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ravencoin, Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens and many more coins soon.Homesite: https://hodler.techAndroid version of the wallet: version: for iOS version - 20 Nov 2018Thank you for the great Litecoin community.

dash is already being used there besides btc

Yea, i keep my eyes on Dash and Usdt now.

Dash and usdt are unpopular as major pairs in famous exchanges.

”The Litecoin Foundation has partnered with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), one of the leading mixed martial arts organizations, in a deal to promote the cryptocurrency.The deal will see the litecoin logo displayed on the octagonal fighting canvas at an upcoming event called UFC 232 – a rematch between former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson. The fight is scheduled to take place on Dec. 29 in California.Claiming to be the first crypto sponsor for a UFC event, Litecoin Foundation said Thursday that the “millions of viewers” at such events would help raise global awareness and drive interest in litecoin.“With brands and institutions continuing to push into cryptocurrency and blockchain, this is yet another signal of this technology moving closer towards the mainstream,” it continued. The foundation, which aims to help promote adoption of the cryptocurrency, also said it hopes to continue the UFC partnership in the longer term.This time last year, Canadian mixed martial artist Rory MacDonald also inked a sponsorship deal that saw him wear outwear branded with the dash cryptocurrency for a Bellator 192 fight. Former lightweight MMA champion Michael Chandler, too, signed an endorsement deal with crypto trading platform CoinLion back in January.”

Just look at the coins who where in top 10 couple years ago, they all disappeared in top 100. Look at where ADA, Dash, QTUM is now. Which projects are next?

Zcash is up about 25% from the 2018 recent low. Dash is up 43% from the low. Monero up 38% from 2018 low.Eth up around 82% from 2018 low.

I guess Kim kardashian would be a good crypto “CEO” then to you?

is Luke Dash J a Flart earth cuck ?

The case for Litecoin! While noob was having a Stellar time high on Ether, and just about on the Verge of insanity, he suddenly ran out of Steem. While asleep and not caring one Iota, she made a Dash with his wallet. Now he's Salt-y and has to pound Sand. Fin!

For some TA - Crypto Kirby, Data Dash, The Moon, Crypto University etc. From there, use YouTube recommendations for more 😉

We expect this revolutionary crypto privacy investment product to be a strong catalyst for driving institutional awareness of the TokenPay ecosystem and the included assets of $TPAY $LTC $XMR $ZEC $DASH. Much more to come! Please contact info at tokensuisse dot com for purchase information

Yes I mine Bitcoin , dogecoin Zeus dash but never mined litecoin

Dash price didn't grown so much

I was a huge winner in dash made 400k in 2017 bullrun

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So what I do is have ppl send $1 in BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZCASH then I convert all of that to BTC on bitpay to fiat. Then every Sunday I go to Acia Park and buy $1 hamburgers and $1 fries and then feed the homeless.

Like design t-shirts that says I fed the homeless with BTC or LTC or ETH or DASH or Zcash

you could focous in your dashboard and look more in your buttons to sell/buy