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Goverments always want control

Privacy matters to people , and cryptocurrency is the only the way to have their financial matters in private

Angelina:Take your Time to read this 👇Have You Ever Considered Investing In Bitcoin?Abigail Gagnon of Chicago was tired of worrying all the time where the next pay check would come from. Life seemed merely a succession of bills and worrying about how to pay them. One late night while surfing the internet, curiosity got the best of her and she decided to look into making money online. Her long hours of research paid off and she discovered a secret system that would help her get a break in life. She was finally able to provide for her three children while staying home with them.I read Abigail's blog last month and decided to feature her story in our local job report. In our phone interview she told me her amazing story. "I basically make about $6000 per month online. It's enough to comfortably replace my old jobs income, especially considering I hardly work at all."Working online has been a big break for Abigail, who struggled for months going from one dead end job to another. "I lost my job a year ago and since then have been unable to find a steady paying job, I needed a reliable income, I was not interested in the "get rich quick" scams you see all over the internet. Those are all pyramid scams or things where you have to sell to your friends and family. I just needed a legitimate way to earn a living for me and my family. The best part of working online is that I am always home with the kids, I save a lot of money.""I BASICALLY MAKE $6000 PER MONTH ONLINE."-ABIGAIL GagnonI asked her how she discovered her secret to success. "Honestly, it was easier than you would think. I found a youtube video online, where a couple traveled all over the world and were able to fund their adventures through trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies investment. So I decided to look into exactly what cryptocurrencies were. I had zero experience with finance but I was willing to try anything to make some extra money."In her search for information on cryptocurrency she found the @Fxc_investment Here she was able to test out and learn how to investment in cryptocurrency with just a few step They feature an interactive training program that let her easily learn how to profit from cryptocurrency. She soon found out investing in cryptocurrency was actually fairly easy and took only a little practice and perseverance. After she got her first payment within 48hrs of investment, her account was built up with double of what she [email protected]_investment is known as one of the leader in Forex/cryptocurrency trading and investment . It gives its users everything they need to learn to profit from investing in cryptocurrency Additionally, they are also currently doubling their users deposits to help promote their trading platform. You can deposit as little as $200 and they will add another $200 within 48hrs to your cryptocurrency wallet. No matter how much you deposit they will double it!People use their computers everyday but rarely do they think of using them to make money. Recently however, with the boom in people getting rich from investing in cryptocurrency, more people are quitting their jobs to work online. Cryptocurrency investment is easy to understand even for people who have never engaged in stock trading. Abigail is not alone when it comes to people making a good living online, we have been able to talk to a lot of people in America and all over the world with compelling stories of how cryptocurrency investment has changed their lives.Make an investment today and become financially free join the winning team @FXC_investment

The Central Bank of Venezuela may add Bitcoin and Ethereum to its International Currency reserve, Binance launch a stacking service allowing to get interests on the Proof-of-Stake crypto, ING Chief economist is predicting that Central Bank will issue their own Digital CurrencyBlockchain News, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news, video of the 27th of September 2019. Today recap of crypto news:- Binance launches a stacking platform for Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies;- Binance help UK Police with Investigation in Cyber Crime leading to the arrest of a criminal;- South Korean court just ruled that CoinOne crypto exchange will need to reimburse 25 million Won (20’800$) to an investor;- ING Chief economist is predicting that Central Bank will issue their own digital currency in 2-3 years;- The Central bank of Venezuela is looking at adding Bitcoin and Ethereum to it international currency reserve;- Ethereum transaction fees are on the rise and briefly overtook bitcoin
Let's explain what is the five main cryptocurrencies and what are their difference!This is another Saturday Special Video, explaining what Bitcoin is, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin and their difference.I also share videos 3 a week, about the cryptocurrency news, Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Today, i see cryptoprenuers using a monotonous approach in their various specialization of cryptocurrency, yet at the back of their mind, they want to always maximize profits, when they are busy hoarding all they have to one source, you see them praying and hoping there is inflation so they can amass profit , but little do they know that business isn't a spiritual realm but an analytical and applicable realm. For profits to be frequent there must be need to diversify, Even Nations diversify their economies to rapidly grow to avoid economic meltdown, talk more of us cryptoprenuers. You are entitled to your opinion, just a food for thought.

Litecoin Partner Aliant Now Pays Employees in Cryptocurrency
Anyone here trade on Liquid?

Hello. Good days were. Cryptocurrency is growing😍

Sorry bulls, bears have won this time. As of the time of writing this, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has just plunged below $8,000 after holding above that level for nearly a week. The cryptocurrency now trades at $7,930, and seemingly looks poised to plunge lower in the coming hour.

one of the main characteristics of holding a cryptocurrency is its power to cuck its holders

It seems this soft fork rumour just started due to a discussion in Reddit, and made by cryptocurrency analyst Lucas Nuzzi. It is highly speculative at this moment in time imo

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In what time period will this happen i need to move my wallet to an exchange then so i receive coins from the fork

I don't this rumored soft fork will create additional coins, but additional value. This is not a hard fork, it's a possible soft fork.Not every fork will result in owners of a cryptocurrency getting “free coins,” however when a legit hard fork occurs that creates a new cryptocurrency, this is the case. For example, Bitcoin holders received one “free” BCH (Bitcoin Cash) for each BTC (Bitcoin) they owned. That is obviously an absurdly good deal (although one risks the original asset’s price dropping in “split” events like this). Technically one can create a new version of a coin and choose another distribution method, for example, they can do an airdrop or sell the new coin on the open market.I believe this soft fork will create an additional option of privacy while increasing efficiency at a very opportune time. Rumor, real or not, one thing is for sure; LTC continues with expansion and innovation.

In my opinion, get funds ready and buy up others fears, if such fears happen and dips manifest, opportunity can occur.I put in a series of bids from likely to hopeful to magical when accumulating. Times of fear are great times to accumulate. Also when an event or positive speculation begin, and you see that uptick, there is another advantageous time to accumulate. If needing a small amount of fiat I might take 1–10 percent of that recent accumulation when it peaks, if seeking short term gains and better spending power while still accumulating. However the taxes to set aside is 36-38 percent for selling coins less than one year old in the USA.If needing fiat in larger amounts I’ll cash in up to five percent of my long term holdings (over two years) for a much reduced tax in the USA (15 percent rather than 37-38 for short.) I’ve only done this once to pay off and rehabilitate a house along with eliminating all interest accruing debt. Most of my accumulation goes to long term gains goals, two to five years or more; less taxes and a huge potential. So far, it works great for me. My personal goals are to further encourage adoption, use the coin more and more, accumulation goals being reached in the next few years,and to learn about LTC,BTC, along with the fast fundamentally changing industry of cryptocurrency.

$69 stablecoin... Perfect for dark markets 😎

Dark markets account for less than one percent of cryptocurrency use. Cryptocurrency may have had a massive boost with the Silk Road; however, in today's time, cryptocurrency use is ninety-nine percent legal transactions. Fiat with every bill cocaine can be detected on it, and fiat is the typical desire of criminal activity, not crypto.Fiat is practically untraceable. Crypto, unlike fiat, even with private options, is still easily traceable by authorities. Crypto, I believe, will continue to grow the world over exponentially. It encourages free trade, banks the unbanked, provides quick transfer of value, is an excellent store of value, easier to use than ever, and gaining adoption.

Title:Crypto BriefingAltcoin Dominance Rising: Ethereum Leads, XRP and Litecoin Lag | Cryptocurrency News6 hours ago

@cloudtcm isn’t this proof enough? “Strong use cases should be one of the most important considerations when evaluating cryptocurrency. In addition to Litecoin’s reliability, use for payments and excellent liquidity, the ability to earn interest at attractive rates through Cred’s platform further strengthens this use case.” -Alan Austin, ltc foundation

Trump Will ban cryptocurrency

I heared from an insider who had to give a speech at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona that there were a plan to introduce whatever terminal for cryptocurrency, he didn't said details but shit happened and due to scare about corona virus and beeing the most participants from asia they cancelled the expo.

Is their idea similar to Cred?

You will have to research that, I'm stepping into a meeting. Good luck.Also released just hours by the Daily Hodl Staff - Wed, 12 Feb 2020 20:57: ”Leading cryptocurrency over-the-counter liquidity provider, B2C2, has announced a partnership with San Francisco-based SFOX, the industry-leading prime dealer, granting over 200,000 traders and funds access to B2C2’s liquidity.Headquartered in London, B2C2 provides 24/7 liquidity for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic in USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, SGD, AUD, CAD, CHF, among other currencies. Moving large quantities of crypto and executing fiat currency conversions for institutional clients, it services brokerage firms, exchanges, banks, cryptocurrency funds, and high-net-worth individuals around the world.”LTC is getting excellent attention and collaboration!

Welcome to REALCAPITALTRADES INVESTMENT COMPANYREALCAPITALTRADES.COM is a long term, stable and profitable investment company. Currently we have a number of profitable areas, such as Forex market trading Stock market trading, Cryptocurrency market trading and investing in various funds and activities.Profits from these investments are used to enhance our program and increase its stability for the long term. Our high skilled and talented team of traders with unique tactics and strategies based on invaluable wealth of experience can make will work for you under their skilled and careful management.

Random note; a central bank survey reveals cryptocurrency is set to gain 1.6 billion users within 3 years. I say, pick your prices and hold. I buy on a regular schedule with a series of bids.Now when I use it, I just buy more than I need, use what’s required immediately and also save the rest to my accumulation pile.

There's really no stopping cryptocurrency. It's only a matter of when the governments and banks decide to support it

Litecoin Launching at 13,000 ATMs in South Korea, Foundation Aims for Global Expansion of Cryptocurrency

⚡️India and now this...

Title:‘You’ll see a central bank cryptocurrency before you’ll see a bitcoin ETF,’ researcher says

It's not forbidden to mention other cryptocurrencys. Sometimes it's even necessary to get the big picture. 🤪

Porn Industry Thrives During Lockdown — These Sites Are Cryptocurrency-Friendly“Besides Pornhub, several other large porn sites also accept cryptocurrencies. Among them is Sexlikereal (SLR) which focuses on virtual reality experiences. Subscription to this platform can be paid in over 50 cryptocurrencies through Coingate, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, xrp, nano, and tron.Similarly, Livejasmin and Manyvids also accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies. “

”Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, Japan continues to approve more cryptocurrency exchanges to legally operate in the country. The latest one was approved on Monday, bringing the total number of legal crypto exchanges in Japan to 23.””Japan’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), registered another cryptocurrency exchange operator on Monday. Japan legalized cryptocurrencies as a means of payment under the amended Payment Services Act back in April 2017 and crypto exchange operators are required to register with the FSA. The agency started registering them in September 2017.The latest one registered by the FSA was Okcoin Japan, the Japanese subsidiary of Ok Group. Founded in September 2017, the Tokyo-based exchange has been approved to trade BTC, LTC, BCH, and others according to the FSA’s website.The exchange will soon launch; it is currently accepting pre-registrations for account opening.”

Litecoin The Daily Hodl 3-31-20 (LTC) founder Charlie Lee says that he sees other use cases for cryptocurrencies apart from speculation and store of value.Payment settlement and confidential transactions are on the top of the list.In a new episode of Cred’s Meet Our Partners, Lee explain how the Litecoin Foundation is shaping the world’s seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization to become a reliable means of exchange.“With Litecoin, we are definitely aiming moving more towards payments for people to actually spend the coins as opposed to just holding onto it as a store of value. You can see there’s more and more ATMs coming out that support Litecoin, where people can easily withdraw their Litecoin or convert cash to Litecoin…”LTC :)