Crypto doesn't need support its the financial firms and money laundering that need too support it

I agree banks will give crypto as interest payments

Trump seems too focused on war, while Bernie is just focused on taxing the wealthy. Nobody paid attention to the tech guy Yang, who supported crypto

So wait a min, you weren’t trolling us last time about you being homeless?

Statistically speaking, it's very likely that some homeless people have some cryptoSo why not this dude

Neither Bernie or Trump seem to be the types to support Crypto

Bernie more likely though. Trump will never accept crypto and fight to get rid of it

Alt Season is cancelled

too early to call. we're above the 200 ma so all is good. It's healthy to have pull backs. try not to get too wrapped up in the ups & downs, crypto is volatile

Localcrypto *checkNext; Amazon and alibaba adopting Litecoin payment.

i wonder what the increase of ltc and crypto interest was from the ltc adverticing at those sporting events?

Soft sell on the 7 day algo at cryptoeq, small pullback before we move higher.

Major Tom
Galileo dreamt up most of his revolutionary theories, came to him while being asleep. Learn from this. I think jo jo is on to something, don’t know about timeframe though. Could take as much as a week. Be ready boyz, strap yourself before the rocket moves. Accumulation mode initiated.

Absolutely. I once wrote a paper in graduate school while sleeping, at least the basic premise and outline. When I awoke, the material flowed out perfectly. :DIt's great to see LTC realizing it's dreams of continued fundamentals evolving and adoption like with local-crypto and others. Good job LTC!

I have interesting artcle about *swiss bank wanna make theyr own cryoto currency.* Is it related to share here?

It’s the chrono if you are talking about Sweden and not Switzerland. However they are open to crypto adoption too. I have family there. There is discussion of doing away with fiat and being all digital there.Switzerland is talking about adopting custodial services, integrating crypto, etc.

Yes, 🇨🇭 Switzerland. Many countries are embracing crypto and blockchain. To answer your question, the article doesn’t meet direct discussing LTC implications but I believe eventually it will.Switzerland I believe I read is discussing custodial holding and trading crypto. This will open up further both institutional investments and trading there.

Chris Khoury
Yep, I obtained my BTC from mining in 2014 and I'm telling you guys, this bull run is going to melt your face off, buy buy buy!

So here is the mistake I think noobs are making. We encourage them to think more of cryptocurrencies as speculative.

A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.Satoshi‘s whitepaper didn't mention speculations. Of course along the line people started figuring out some unique attributes of Bitcoin and other crypto fundamentals.