Still waiting for 1 reason btc is bttr than ltc...

Ltc is merely a vessel to earn more btc

Btc will die fast once ppl learn more about crypto

uno is merge mined with btc

BTC is LTCs test net! LTC is the best in the space.

Btc has 1k dips then up it seens thats the new pattern

Send me 1 btc and ill gladly show u

What do you guys think.. are we headed back to 6K or something with BTC? Or just a correction..

200 btc for but order in binance

200 freaking btc buy order

Nope. An old man told me it was better than BTC, so no better time to go all in!

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I hope btc dumps to 4k guyd

Got btc halving soon anyway

5/6k is the real next step for btc

If BTC hits 100k the it's an easy 10-25k for LTC

Koekeloeracci Savaggio

If you had 100 btc at $1 you would sell at $50 and be happy. But I would hold for 20k because I have a different mindset. Weak hands always lose.

Felipe Fernandes
banks couyld have said same when crypto started.

And u saw what happened to all cryptos... its simple if dollar loose value to whom u value to cryptos ..i mean ltc or btc which will be valued to what .... lol

If LTC breaks 113 USD it will go upper( if the price of BTC does not change)

@tonyBTC, have blessing day tony. Don't fall in tips traps here. Keep away from fictional algos and "huge crash stuff" :- )))))

1 btc become 3 btc ?

Alloy Obi Udenkolo
How would price go up then

maybe you are new to crypto....every time there is a btc halving the price always go up after the halving cuz the mining will get harder which mean there is less coins from the miners to sell

When will Btc be halved?

Alloy Obi Udenkolo
That means price is likely to hit 40k

there is a lot of speculation about the btc price at the next halving ....some say it will hit 50k at least and others say 200k or more within the next 3 years

BTC decides all fate

My first btc was for 450.

Imagine buying a btc for 101.20 cents CAD yesterday on Kraken...lucky traders dream

Ohh nice how many?

Wish i could buy btc for 101 $ 😂

Why not sell at 400-300 or even 200?

Because 2000-3000 will be better. LTC is just 21% of my total crypto portfolio. BTC like 35%. I invest in the blockchain fundamentals and utility of the tokens behind. Some of my investments are technologies now probably 10 years ahead of the game. Like Apple in the early 90s.

What if bitcoin fails? Ever tought about that?

That could happen you’re right. That’s why you shouldn’t be investing more than you can afford to lose. But no risk, no gain. I could have sold BTC when it reached 20k and I didn’t. I don’t regret that. I might be following Charlie Lee’s advice to sell some when it’s really high, I will then re-invest 50% or so, will see. For now HODL it all.

And why?

Concerning LTC:Upcoming LTC halving. Soon to be a coin with privacy features.Atomic swaps and being able to submarine with btc. The lowest fees to be able to transact on the lightning network. Adoption Announcement.FidelityBAkKTThese reasons and more will be given as the reason for the future trajectory to ”the moon”; also known as new all-time highs. LTC was 75 three Friday’s ago, 89 a week later, 90 that Saturday, 113 today. I say, pick your buy-in prices and hold on!