Btc will pump up and down as long as big banks and other interest groups drop the money into it

Sparkswap is going LIVE with only the BTC/LTC trading pair! Huge press ahead! The exchange is built using the Lightning Network!The news is growing with LTC!

I’m almost certain he’s previously said as much, as it pertains to BTC.

Charlie has said everyone should also own one btc, even LTC buyers.

I understand that. However, if you’re going to speculate, going all in LTC over BTC doesn’t make sense.

The Philippines are having a huge growth in exchanges and btc/ltc use.

Yeah, I never did like XRP’s fundamentals whatsoever. Ripple also admitted in their white paper that xrp was created to pay their bills and wages while they sold the infrastructure to banks. Even the use of xrp for these banks who buy-in isn't guaranteed either. I did buy in, as a lark, at .27, sold at 3.10, and never bothered looking at it seriously again. In my opinion, after reading it's white paper, any rise is only speculation and nothing to do with actual use or fundamentals. I'm not repurchasing it. Although I do have to give them credit in being honest that xrp is only to pay their bills and wages while they try to sell the ripple infrastructure to banks. Now if you want to read a beautiful white paper or study forward thinking fundamentals and plans, study the history and documents of coins like bat, btc, and LTC.

I'm hanging on for Mars and beyond. I wouldn't be surprised to never convert much of my LTC to fiat, instead using it peer to peer for rehabbing real estate. I just rehabbed my house and paid with both btc and LTC. I spend 10 percent of my holdings after it has matured for 12 months and hold the rest. It's working out well.

If btc pumping

If BTC can establish 5300-5400 as support, maybe we've got something.

U need USD or EUR to buy btc or Eth as well. lol

Check out Forbes magazine today. Coinbase announced they are joining with Visa to allow crypto transactions for payments in btc, LTC, etc.! Adoption! They are also saying now that soon almost everyone will be five miles or less from a crypto kiosk. Mass adoption coming and the wealthy are accumulating.


Is that guy a scammer, he is asking me 1.5btc that i will be litecoin supplier in my community