Blockchain hero cards

Monsieur FUDleur
only do it if u made huuge ltc gains bro

Oh yeah I'm way ahead. I just don't like shopping lol. But yeah it is a tool that helps me pay bills and make money but may move that over to an Android..95 percent of my crypto is on an Ellipal or online blockchain wallet anyway.

No 95 percent is on a Ellipal and the other on cashapp,, Bittrex, random places depending on need.

Hello peeps, I've got Litcoin Core 0.17.1 QT 5.9.6 just tried to send a transaction after updating the blockchain.

Tony Nakamoto
wat assurance do u have dat the muns will be return'd?

I don’t know yet but having lending and borrowing in a blockchain is kind of mindblowing. No KYC and shit

It’s an idea. Blockchain is great. Good for Btc.. rest is what ppl willing to pay

Well Litecoin is the second most secure blockchain after bitcoin and it is faster and cheaper to move money around when needed. In order to compare to any other coin you should first find one that is true blockchain POW with a limitation on circulating supply, king regarding hashrate on the algorithm it works, with $3 billion market cap accepted by all crypto exchanges, secure- tested and working like a charm for 9 years and soon private transactions. Additionally LTC have a great founder and community!

False information. Ltc is a bitcoin copycat with zero security and extremely poor devs and team. The fact ltc is fast mean nothing. A lot of chain are more and more fast than ltc and still shitty. The only lucky of ltc is to be one of the first coin but i think onestly is a big scam!

You got it all wrong. If copycat is the case then better stay only with bitcoin. Further on this matter in my eyes copycat is something like bitcoin cash which tried to impersonate bitcoin. Fast is not the case with POW you can always build something on top with people willing on POS. As you say all chains are shitty unlike LTC which has the hashrate to secure its blockchain better than the rest. So here we are and you have no other coin to compare and win the battle with LTC.

Monsieur FUDleur

You don’t see as good thing blockchains to communicate ?

wtf is a major blockchain pegged to a monetary system????

Weapon Sex
sounds like 3rd party bs

if you are a maxi, yes it's bs. If you think we will end up in a multichain blockchain world than it's smart.

On the blockchain

Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee and is an opened sourced software project based on blockchain technology. It was released in October 2011.

Excellent article:
Felipe Fernandes
Pray to those people don't fall on strangers speech.

Ok let us pray. Our Satoshi, who art in Heaven. Bitcoin be the name. Your miners come. Your blockchain be done, in Altcoins as it is in LTC. Give us our Lambos with daily bull runs and forgive us our Fud, as we forgive those who panic sell against us. Lead us not into Fomo but deliver us from Fiat. For Crypto is the Kingdom and the Power. Forever and Ever.  Amen

These new blockchains have wallets, staking,dapps, ecosystems...

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