You dont know shit

Better take your Profit

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Hello. Nice green morning. We bubbling🚀


Dumping to 40 in the afternoon

And Next week When we Hain from 40 to 42 Dollars you will way Moon.

Moonsie is in on Point Right

Could be..Why is my question what do u think?

To be honest, we will rise More, ok, But How Long ? We rise till Bitcoin Crash Hard. And Litecoin will Follow Even More

This Pump is on the on Side healthy, But a correction is comming.

And When Bitcoin Crash, its over

I help u hoping bud so u can fomo in

This is just a bad performance

Sell now, and later in !

guys are u ready for 20k??

But dont be too optimistic

btc will be 20000 and ltc 2

but there is still the option to swap