OTC and relatively cheap

No abuse potential, etc.

Although we find nothing wrong with thc.

The patients like it ha. And it helps with the emaciated.

Happy, hungry, horny, and sleepy. All the signs of health.

I mean, I wud want the liberty when/if I'm intermitted into a hospice fascility, to have as much thc/CBD I want.

Less staff needed when patients are open to it, they are content and accept their reality easier.

But back to LTC, it's great getting suppliers to take it. I look forward to insurance paying us with btc/ltc.

Major Tom
I hope Ltc method will be a heavy discount if used. That wud be pretty sweet.

You are right; we received a ten percent discount for using crypto. Instant transfer, etc.

The wife wants my attention. It's great talking to you.

Everyone have a beautiful night/day.


Where is my German friend?

Dennis 🇩🇪
I dont want to attack you olly, but lets wait to the Weekend

Hey @Dennis0711 I waited and is now an appropriate time to say I told you so?

Weekend isn't over, prime time for tricks & treats

Coincidence? Or a sign

One hundred dollars soon

After a Pump like this 🙈

You guys smoked Too much the wrong stuff 😂

Still waiting for $4 fuckin moonsie

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