Major Tom
Lesson guys?

Sell all ur LiteCoims and go all-in on the first tech startup u find

Felipe Fernandes

That's the prettiest unicorn I've ever seen. Hands down.

Increasing my numbers on my Ellipal. :)

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I suppose I am. I mean, I haven't seen that much sparkles in a unicorn my whole life. It's very impressive. Don't you think?

Almost as beautiful as the 3 letters; LTC.

When LTC $1000 guys? I have more than 6000 to dump in your asses before this shit coin drops to $100 or less.370 to 30$ and 1000 to $100 or lessThe history repeats

where did u farm them?

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Pepe ‌‌‎The Frog
it is sad that the imbeciles like you will benefit when (if) it's 1k

Imbecile? Im holding this shit.coin since the end of 2012, I deserve to dump into idiot's asses like yours, + than 6 millon dollar from fools who will buy this trash for 1k each and after this they will see the price dropping to $100 or less, cry noob

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Monsieur FUDleur
cool 6000 ltc bro

Thanks, holding since 2012/2013, hard years seeing this turtle coin making me lose my mind

I dont care about you

Cry man, if ltc reaches 1k i will doente 10 units from my 6000+ ltc for you

I know you are broke, bankrupted and surviving by stimulus checkI know why you are ungry and I forgive you, frustration is normal 😍

Any ltc earning bots