Why on earth do scammers insists on this methodology?

It goes against the whole crypto philosophy. Your keys > your money Not your keys > not your money.

Name 1 argument why someone would trust you with their money, compared to owning and investing yourself in crypto and owning your keys?

If it's that good.

Just FYI, people who hang around in this Ch want to own their money, not investing into some "platform"/trading scheme.

Did I? 😂😎🤣

Ok, sir. I won't usher one more word about it. I was just trying to save both you and others time. Just tryin to help. Let's see what admins will say later on ;)

Cause you don't. I am H.A.L. an artificial intelligence system deployed to save litecoin hodlers the time from ridiculous things like this.

Do you want me to recommend your service. Will this satisfy you? Lols

I told you. I'm not a person, but an electronic computational system.

where is market moon

i dont have tmie for sideways bullshit

market should look in future and invest already

...............❗️Warning❗️...............❗️Be aware of scammers:- Private message asking for help withdrawing funds- Offering to increase or give coins by sending to an address or platform- Free giveaways, airdrop, investment platform, trading & mining bots- Looks like an admin or well known member asking for help e.g to test a wallet or asks for a loan for fast interest- If you are automatically added to a group offering prizes or huge returns❗️No genuine Admin will ever ask for exchange login details, email login details or for a fund transfer❗️Pump, Signal or "Insider" groups are scams, especially paid services--------------------------------------------------


Today? Is this it..!? 🥳🥳🥳

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I'm doubling down on Hertz stock

thought you lost everything

$2300 was probably close to $ 150 billion in today’s FIAT anyway 😂

Probably the right decision

At least it will be by the end of the year

Major Tom
Lesson guys?

Dont sell and wake up being Mr Wayne 20 years from now.

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