Xinxi Wang

😂😂😂 papper money still making victims

Time to go back to work

Santoruis S
Time to go back to work

that's the right attitude. no more gambling.

Yessss life savings are gone

Well it was a good run

John warned Rico 1 of 3 no insults

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Will...this be the night when everything happens? Will it!? I hope you're strapped in, had your cheese and protein pills and put your helmet on. We are in for a ride.

I lost everything

I reckon additional 5-10% drop.. :/

I will have to go back hooking again..

DonZorro 🦊
I reckon additional 5-10% drop.. :/

Someone anticipating good job numbers which means no extra funding for us employment recipients which is due to stop July 31. Also the government still hasn't decided on another round of stimulus

Look at sp500

Btc is 88 percent correlated to it

Yes it seems and I have noticed .. I traded everything into USDT I amnot a big fan of it .. must get rid of it

Felipe Fernandes
Printing money still end of game

Well yes but the Fed said it would print money and buy stocks

There debt balance sheet is too high

Hmm so u r saying u think it will be a big drop

They will pick and choose what to pump and what to dump

Felipe thinks so. I don't think so

Crypto could drop a lot

Felipe Fernandes
No exact ... Mean money is loosing his value

Yes but they are buying assets it's not going to the economy

Which is a big difference

It's not even getting to the people that need it

Yes but they are buying assets it's not going to the economy

Money printed to sustain who should get out market will make more damage yet

If it is to correltated with stockmarket then it will

I have to observe for awhile because that could mean depression even in crypto market

But short term I think u can make a buck

After the summer ....💣🔥

Economy dead.