who is infected? :v

# BTC / USD, the price is at 6730. I observe resistance from above in the zone 6700-6850. further at 7500, and support from below, which by the morning gathered lower from above - in the zone 6300-6500. Further below the bullish defense at 5800. It is very important for buyers to stay at the achieved levels, as any attack with punctures of 7000 can provoke sellers to close short positions and there is a chance to throw the price right up to 7500. The bearish scenario persists, the correction is correct and some indicators are not confirmed.

Including me lol

Jobless claims coming out in US tomorrow ✍🏻

tbh if we reached 7600, then 8000 we are going to hold this levels tho

Im looking at two alts that pumped recently

and btc and ltc has the same set-up

Using the fibonacci tool, and measuring from the bottom to the last top before the dump, the 0.618 is 8k which is were I think it will go

some alts following the same pattern will give an idea of what btc will do

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Open Daily Time frame on MCO (monaco) and Metal (MTL) those are two ERC20, then open LTC, include the EMA and use the Fibonacci tool if you guys are familiar with it.

Btc price is $6666... This can't be good..

compare it is the same set-up

Explosive movement happening soon for good or for worse, if monsie was here he would warn you guys!

I sold at 6200 I’m almost tempted to buy back in at a higher price. I’m hoping we do a drop here soon but the whales will decide that fate.

Yeah, ikr. I’m getting in again soon we will see.

5800 possível

Trump will destroy the country,

But this is our bad truth... And all this will take our economy down

And Cryptos will follow

That's what i think after all, it's just my opinion.

Economy was already on the way down before corona. People are just too blind and idiotic to pay attention

But not fast like that 😂

Watch and we will go back to business as usual

Yep 100% this is over until the reoccurrence during fall. But by then cure already developed, this will all be forgotten. Ppl forget we live in the tiktok era now. This matters to 5% of us, NOBODY else.

Yep they won't scarifice money for lives

Never have never will

I'm curious to know how many chat members here have passed away from the Corona