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So many countries are forced to borrow in order to pay its citizens

Banks won yet again and some of them now own the airlinesb

I just signed up to drive for uber

Nvda 259 it was 200 on Friday

So it appears they are taking the route of the Weimar republic

Keep printing until hyperinflation. Wheelbarrows of money that buys nothing

It will take many years to play out

Btc ltc is going to have a good decade 😎

All the better for btc. Was designed for this. Will take time for it to shine, but shine it will

Psshhh who has time for that

What do you recommend? Perhaps we can move to safer countries like Thailand?

I'm mad I lost 10k usd selling nvda

Also btc is a cornerstone for alts -> bullish

It's recovered due to QE in 2 days

It's recovered 25 percent in 2 days!!!

Hunger games 2020 inbound 🤦🏽‍♂️

God I hope not

This is a hopeful recovery bounce. Because of the QR and the 6 trillion dollars newly created. Wait until reality hits and this is sticking around for another 8-12 months 👍

I predict another 25/30% drop.

This is the definition of bull trap

oh 😬 litecoin members are droppin


Long time no talk here

Basically usa gone full Zimbabwe. Btc, in theory, should become a great escape from inflation