Peoples are daying

Maybe you want to say it's made by them.

Fethi Anane
It's not fake

What Davide is saying isn't innacurate. Yes the virus is real, and people are getting sick. But what are the odds that this virus showed up out of nowhere at the peak of the biggest bullrun in US history. I just dont believe this virus happened naturally, instead it was bio-engineered and deployed deliberately. And the worst part is that in 5-10 years from now, people wont blame their garbage elite politicians and bankers for the garbage economy and hyperinflation, they will just remember the coronavirus that crashed the economy, while being robbed blind of their savings by those politicians and bankers.

It's not crashed yet, trump is a suck€*r he want peoples to come back to word before 12/4 , if we don't find solution for this corona, no one will come back, and we will see the true free fall

The economy did crash and millions are out of work, and most likely much worse will happen now that there is a virus spreading. If the stock market recovers it's thanks to infinite QE

Flatearth, no moonlanding, covid19 fake..Got any more ??

No moonlanding hahahaha

he's a tree huggin' vegan lol

I would contantly smack that fool for fun if he was near me

he's a tree huggin' vegan lol

Hey I don't believe flat earth BS but I like trees, and trees are important af

Roy Dehue
Hey I don't believe flat earth BS but I like trees, and trees are important af

Say goodby to all those trees with central banks needing that extra paper 😡

Anyway, wen moon?

Wen mimblewimble

Title:Britain’s Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus

I waited for stocks to crash. They crashed and I still waited. But now they seem to be recovering. And I didn’t do a thing. Ughh. I didn’t think they would rebound so fast. WTH ffs. 😔 😔

Part of me wants to buy stuff now but I have a small amount of hope they will crash. Idk. I hope so...

😐 big crash in the making?

😐 is gov accumulating bitcoin to unload it into a huge crash at once?

😐 alright, cya frendo 😔

Corona will finish when enought countries have accumulated debt

At least talking about europe, as soon all countries take credit from the central bank all will be finw

Using a pandemic to keep us in quarantine and spreading fear. While we speak pulling the biggest heist on a global scale by our own central banks and governments and the elite. And still 95% people are blind sheep.


I just lost my sanity

Is there any mental health specialists in here?