Mr. Yoda [discord]: where is m00nsie fool. rekt already shorting bottom


Watch out for this scam guys

Epic plunge soon

Seems like xrp is going for a run

Yes. All bots claiming to give free money are scams

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Golden cross, reminds me of 2017 when I had a major stack of LTC

I heared from an insider who had to give a speech at the Mobile Congress in Barcelona that there were a plan to introduce whatever terminal for cryptocurrency, he didn't said details but shit happened and due to scare about corona virus and beeing the most participants from asia they cancelled the expo.

God damn, that would have helped to common concensus (sorry for my non native English)

He's full of doodoo

He has his rich handlers also they all do

He has his rich handlers also they all do

I’m not the guy to talk politics with, but in my understanding, Bernie made it quite transparent that he don’t accept donations like all the rest of the candidates, who is obviously bought up. He is for the people by the people.

oh no 😿😿😿 big crash in the pipeline????

@admine the timelimit sucks

Donations from pharmaceutical industry, wall st, oil business and what have you. What Bernie has is 6 million contributions from a half a million people .... which is unprecedented in the history of American politics.. 🤧😊

He's full of it and he's not for the people he's for a certain group of people

Middle to upper class white people who smoke weed and have student loans

He's full of it and he's not for the people he's for a certain group of people

Ok, so... you are a trump kind of guy? I mean, Andrew Yang would be best suited if we like to think of crypto space in general.

Monsieur FUDleur
are u anti gay?

I'm not anti gay but there's definitely an agenda to push that stuff

Monsieur FUDleur
anti gay stuff?

There's a pro gay movement in the state's

I don't like Trump either they all suck

I rest my case. As I said, I’m with you, politics is bullshit show

And it's pushed in media

Hi mates! 👍🙂

Hi mates! 👍🙂

Welcome Anton. Today it’s pretty slow here, as in most channels I reckon, hmm whys that😵🤔.

Charlie - when mimblewimble already ;)

Major Tom

Common people, we are falling behind into 2nd place 🤯😱🤯, do your vote thank you.