Monsieur FUDleur

Yes he comeback here around two months ago

After 9/10 months of ban

Major Tom
1+ Me personally, was at first put off when I joined this channel due to the drama and whatnot. But as of late, it’s been pretty decent chats and shares imho

Exactly, that's why another forum has stricter rules but then open to civil discussion and set goals (not price).Their rules: 1- No redundant and unjustified price predictions, we heard you the first time.2- Know that scams that are promising to make you money by sending then ltc, they are trying to steal coins. 3- No redundant or unjustified or fomo/fud, again we heard you the first time. 4- No asking for money whether it be for investment advice or begging and no advertising questionable YouTube channels.Then they promote news without redundancy and an open civil discussion, it seems to be a good start.Don’t ask me for the link. :)The forum here though is an excellent entertainment, but it does focus on prices a lot. Again, it's entertainment, kind of like the Enquirer, fun reading but not a place for financial advice or even news as Felipe has said.Congrats everyone! Also PPSS, LTC didn't go from 120-400 in four minutes it was a gradual month of an incline up and months of decline after in 2017.

Probably Is another bullshit story

Personal attacks here are out of control. I'm glad some is being dealt with. I wasn’t even in the room when you wrote that.I respectfully ask you to stop the personal attacks. Good luck to you.

Epic plunge soon?

JoZill🅐 warned Davide 2 of 3 leave others alone

What happens when it gets to 3?

JoZill🅐 warned Monsieur FUDleur 2 of 3 worry about getting yourself banned

Leave Davide alone!

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OOOOPS that was not private conversation 😨😨😱

whats going on here?

Bo,.monsieur and me. Ltc group Need people as us

People. Be NICE. We are all working towards the same mutual goals. Hopefully. LTC adaption and getting a yacht or two in the process.

Looks like all main coins going good now 🚀