Fiat pairing all of a sudden a plethora of exchanges worldwide connecting directly with LTC. Huge growth in adoption incoming.

so howbout that double top?

market took a little poop

Dont listen to filipe. He's nocoiner who always speaks fud

Check out Forbes magazine today. Coinbase announced they are joining with Visa to allow crypto transactions for payments in btc, LTC, etc.! Adoption! They are also saying now that soon almost everyone will be five miles or less from a crypto kiosk. Mass adoption coming and the wealthy are accumulating.

Hi Litecoin Community

I wnat to sell a website name if anyone wants to buy it contact me.

Anybody know how we can create lite coin fork?

Adrian Hanser
Nooo red lines

I hate that. After surging so much it going down a little

हेलो दोस्तो सीधी में कोचिंग के लिए

rohit singh

मुझे इन्बॉक्स करें


Is that guy a scammer, he is asking me 1.5btc that i will be litecoin supplier in my community