Of course what are you long term or short term

If your going long then you cant go wrong...

Lol i though i made a mistake buying at 57$ a coin but this whole week it held

Seems to me interest here.

thing about next 2 to 3 years easy to reach 2k

Not even next 3 years

Is just not going to happen

Wiped out holding positions clearing the way for a huge fast surge up when least expected imo. Absolutely this thing could go sky high. With Litecoin already being able to be transmitted on fb messenger, them adding a stablecoin like fbcoin will give LTC further exposure.I see blue skies ahead!

Fb coin is a flop

If FB could it would have bought out litecoin but it can't like all its competitors buy the competition so there is no competition sorry FB your gonna have to compete the right way.

Lol it will happen look at the market cap

Wasnt it 4m like 5 years ago

Finite has to get a tattoo because he thought it would never go to $30

Now where at 135m

I can go as much as 1bil

To much money is involved one does not just disappear

Lol litecoin tattoo

I had to change it to $3k because I refuse to sell

Lol someone do a smart contract with getting a litecoin tattoo if it hit triple digits

I should start placing bets to non crypto believers

Lol I meant 1 tril sorry

oh total market cap yeah

R don kill a man frens

That is financial freedom now thats something to dream about 🔥