I want to buy litecoin

Crypto Trader

Many different ways. Which one is best for you depends on where you are, what payment method you want to use, if privacy is a priority or not, etc

So i take it the golden cross hasnt happened yet

Cha Ching AKA - Vergen Mary
Is the “litecoin” twitter even official?

can something be official when litecoin is meant to be decentralised? Someone must have control over it

Just saying it's a tricky term

I’m just asking if the twitter is officially moderated

I dont know who has control of it

There isn't an official handle

The account was created at the same time Charlie cape up with the name and bought Litecoin.org domain.

Although like the other guys said - there can never be an ‘official’ news source for the Litecoin project

Who else bought a lot of litecoin

Idk what golden cross are you guys looking at

Golden cross just happened

50 day moving average crossed with 200 day moving average

Golden cross just happened

Lol what chart are you looking at i havent seen it cross yet

Daily weekly 1hr 2hr 4 hr?

Most likely the 5 minute chart lol

Lol im looking for the daily that's the best indicator

Im going long no doubt we gonna see triple digits

Ya finally i quit my job in 2025

Wen quadruple digits?

Ltc news paternship with lisk bank

moon LTC is the future

This time nothing can stop not even charlie lee

so many good news upcoming ltc

Went to the bank and wired everything lady told me whats it for i said for the moon

Tbh your prediction of 2k is no sense

Litecoin could never reach 2k

I mean is just not possible

A lot of market cap is require and LTC is not worth all that