They think because im young im naive enough to fall for their shit

Who can buy ltz coin here

Finaly halving good news 👏👏👏

i was here last year when litecoin was 150$ 😁😁😁

guys hodl never panic sell ltc will moon to 2k soon

Hopium feels good

How much is 1ltz now

if u mean ltc then $56.50

works for US users too

Walton Tee ♾
look at blockcard - john kim promoted saying LTC support

Already have big man! But not available for Canadian residents just yet.

Have a look at seem to be gaining lots of traction

i want to spend crypto - not FIAT

"At no point can cardholders load cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin onto their Spend Visa® Card. All cryptocurrency will be converted to the appropriate local fiat currency first on the Spend Wallet and then that local fiat currency will be loaded on the Spend Visa® Card for use in purchase and ATM withdrawals.*SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, VERIFICATION, & BANK APPROVAL"

Walton Tee ♾
i want to spend crypto - not FIAT

But it allows you to convert your crypto into fiat at point of sale. Opens up to more opportunities

That's confusing. So its not an actual crypto wallet?

No wonder theyve been adding tons of different coins lately

I know, lying to people

And required to purchase 25k SPND coins to have access to the black card. thats mainly where they lost me

I signed up, but you are correct. They load 100 coins but convert it all to FIAT. no one took time to read their website

There's actually two websites. If you go on coinmarketcap and search SPND, once youre there click on their website you'll see it

Yes, makes me nervous. that's why i like BlockCard.

supposedly if you have US connection you can get card even as non US resident, but no official team announcement yet

just what telegram channel says

Either way more litecoin adoption is good for price

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Agreed. Will have a second look at Blockcard 👌

pewdiepie to pump ltc

magin his bilion followers to buy ltc

How the hell does this guy have 90 million followers??

based pewd. I used to despise him originally but then he became more and more redpilled