Just good btc and sweet ltc

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Poor Vertcoin

enjin only

Sounds like a slogan from the 60's

Shd I go ALL in?

No financial advice sorry

I am only saying that LTC has a lot to offer right now

You make your own decisions on buying.

If you can't decide on what is good for you to buy, then maybe trading or investing is not for you

I generally only take advice from the great Moonsie, but you seem smart and really nice.

The way you got angry about someone not talking about ZEC, made a ton of sense too. Moonsie is our resident financial advisor.

You should learn how to be a Moonsie, for yourself, to make more of your time here investing.

You can always rely on yourself.

It's something to think about.

You could do it

Not to be smart and go show off.To make the most out of life you've got to test yourself. You could help out others, too

Just sayin.

Have a good day gentleman