Ta only works after the fact

So while everyone is expecting 100k or more, we could end up revisiting a new multi year low first

That would be bleek

Many would quit

Exchanges could easily make it happen

They would be killing their business

To try and acquire an even larger holding than they already do, and to maybe act like a bank instead of an exchange. Especially with binance’s new credit card coming out

Just pointing out some things that people have been ignoring

I was optimistic about Btc reaching new all time high in the short future but unfortunately I have a different perspective now

The market is just pure manipulation though

There needs to be a large wash out or reset

Intensive care unit prices

Would be deadly

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It's over. Time to pack it up fellas.

Sad times ahead

You must live in NY

Oh wow its avail in 47 states

I happen to be in one of the 3


Yeah it's not in Nevada, New Hampshire, or West Virginia. I didnt even know those other two were actual states lol

Why is there a state called new hampshire

That shit is fucked up