Hey I just had a dream...it said....today IS the...Day!!!

Thank you very much ?(

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ltc will collapse soon

ltc ratio has not bottomed outi made very depression discovery on the chartsit will drop around 50% mroe from herethe suffer will continue until at least december

u would be better of selling ur ltc for dogecoin at this point

more returns, less depression

i don't think ltc is around in couple of years tbh

ur likely right fr0hh

u hev always had accurate foresihgt

anyone dismissing ur prediction is a fool and probably a racist too

their dad was probably member of the klukuxclan

and their granddad probably lynched peopel

in short; dont trust those who dismiss fr0hh's prophetic predictions

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satoshi nakamoto is hiding in plain sight and his name is charlie lee

charlie/satoshi promise me u'll give me credit as ur discoverer when u admit ur satoshi

Holding strong here, like always!

their dad was probably member of the klukuxclan

The amount of hallucinogenic drugs you've taken must be enormous to barf out this kind of stuff