Because I don't have the option to give admin right

You can message the other admin

So I don't have the option

Maybe he forgot he has a group😂

What's going on with your hodl?


Good ! How much down from 2017 mid

Please don't ask the figures

Oh well, I've forgotten about my BTC


Yeah I've seen this ... Elon is awesome 😍

New information leak Tommorow Binance will add a token which will make x2-x4 The name of that coin will be there 👇👇👇

15+ spammers 🤣🤣🤣

Make it private group guys !

Jai | Stan Lee - vala Groot
Only indians

Only legitimate investors/enthusiasts, no pumping dumping spammers 😁😁 ... We can invite people to join others cannot join without being invited! I bought crypto the DCXinsta way, instantly. Buy on DCXinsta now and claim your free TUSD.