Koi sell mat karna....Buy if you want

Don't panic sell people

U know what to do, buy and #hodl

Yup...We need to add more indian friends

What price in INR is LTC on the exchange??

In Koinex it is 25000

Should be around 16000

Koinex not approving my kyc verification.. pending since last Saturday

Here in the UK and going down by the minute

Coinbase but you need a credit card

Nhi fake nhi hai...We are trading by Koinex only

I don't know if it works there

Koinex is good, high volumes

Wait for sometime if it is not getting done... Better go and complain

Koinex is good, high volumes

Exactly... Everything is because of high volume

I am not in India so trading on UK exchanges

Drink some whiskey and calm down. Don't sell.

Hold is much better than sell

Where did u guys buy ?

Same here.koinex can't handle heavy load

Dude it happens sometime

Made me miss my ether buy at 40k

I guess it's a good decision. I don't see ether going up soom

Where are you guys holding ur coins ?

Look the bottom here and the pattern after. You are free not to believe it of course !

It's going up again