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#Bitcoin UpdateWell, Nothing special going on in market, As we told you guys that we're now short term bullish on #Bitcoin. We Hits almost around 3250$ as told and start riding from there.As of Now, We're seeing that #BTC keep moving sideways around 3600$ after last spike. We're expecting another small leg up in #BTC upto 3800-4100$ in Mid Term maximum upto 3 weeks and then again drop from that level.In short we can only say, just make habits of such pumps and dumps now because we're not going to see any major big moves in #Bitcoin soon. We're keep telling you guys that bottom is not yet come for #BTC. Yes, Now we can say Get Ready for New Lows in #BTC soon. Its high likely that #Bitcoin will hits bottom in First Half of 2019 and then it will build the base for next bull run but that's not going to happen over-night. Patience will pays off big rewards this time. Hold your nerves becoz if you able to do so this time, You're the some of them who called as early adopters of Crypto.

It would be for #greater #good if #prices of #digital #assets #cryptocurrencies go #down in #short #term because it will get #transferred from #weaker to #stronger #hands who #wont #sell #no #matter what. Definitely one who holds will be #handsomely #rewarded in #next #few #years . For more detailed AI powered #crypto #analytics #recommendations and #detailed #technical #charts follow here
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Trade the markets with a mindset of uncertainty because the charts and all the bars or other information it might contain is not a complete representation of market information. Never fall into the trap of thinking you have the complete information of all market participants while making your trading decisions. They are just distortions of raw data that are assumed to represent something. “Support level” and “resistance” are not real phenomena rather they're simply concepts that represent relationships that people have observed in the past.Always remember that most market data provided by vendors are inaccurate. So always have a bias when making trade decisions.Focus my total attention on trading well, and let the results take care of themselves. Learn to disassociate and observe myself. I was able to have this observer show up in times of stress.Investment psychology is by far the most important element, followed by risk control, with the least important consideration being the question of where you buy and sell.Progress in knowledge results more from efforts to find fault with our theories, rather than prove them. Then the more we tend to realize our beliefs and assumptions (especially about the market) and disprove them, the more success we are likely to have making money in the market.You get a sense of control with entry signals because the point at which you choose to enter the market is the point at which the market is doing exactly what you want it to do. As a result, you feel like you have some control, not just over your entry, but over the market. Unfortunately, once you are in a position in the market, the market is going to do whatever it wants to do-you no longer have any control over anything except your exits.Always Imagine what it's like to be on the other side of each trade. Pretend you are the broker trading against a client, what would your thinking be?If you get a buzz from profits and depressed by losses, you belong in Las Vegas, not the markets. If you get too careful about not risking your gains, you're not going to be able to extract a large's generally a good idea that when you put on a trade, it should be so small that it seems almost a waste of your time. Always trade at a level that seems too small.Recognize and control your greed. All you need is a mathematical advantage and the money management controls to assure that you stay in the game. Everything else takes care of itself.It all goes back to the blackjack philosophy that, if you have the edge, in the long run, you'll make more money by doing a lot of transactions. Be wary of people who claim extensive trading skill. Watch their trading, and in particular, how they size their positions. If they don’t practice low-risk position sizing, then don’t walk away-ruOnly think about adding to a winning trade when I have at least a 2R:R gain.